Work on our way back

STVV wanted to return to first class as quickly as possible, but that did not go smoothly. Heavy administrative problems raged. A new group had taken power, and the team did not turn properly. Fortunately, positive news could be found on the cup front. STVV eliminated the big Anderlecht in the 16th finals. But in the eighth finals, AA Gent was the better (1-0).

The new board shifted their policy in season '92 -'93 with the arrival of ten new players and a new trainer, Albert Van Marcke. The goal: qualifying for the final round. Despite all good intentions, it became a disaster season. Lippens succeeded Van Marcke, but the threat of degradation remained. The negative trend changed under the third trainer, Guy Mangelschots. The Canaries played a strong final phase and just did not win a final round ticket. Mario Krohm became top shooter in the second class with 17 goals.

Third time is the charm, in the '93 -'94 season. The STVV family counted on a good season without worries in second class. But yellow-blue did even better. The Canaries were champions. This of course led to a crazy party in Haspengouw. Another event from that season: Violetta Roosen was elected as the first Miss STVV.