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Cashless at Stayen

It was in the air for a while, but the cashless payment system is finally active at Stayen!

This Sunday, you can use your season ticket or cashless card to pay for your drinks at Stayen. (French fries & snacks will follow in a later stage, here you will still only be able to pay with cash).

To avoid long queues at the charging stations, it is best to put money on your card before you go to Stayen. You can do that from home via MijnSTVV or via your smartphone using the STVV app. Of course, you can also load the card at one of the loading points at Stayen where tokens were previously purchased. During the week you can always visit the STVV fan shop during opening hours.

Did you also know that all STVV subscribers (only valid for subscribers) get 10% cashback on their cashless card for the next match. In other words, if for example you consume €25 worth of drinks with your card. Then you will automatically get €2.50 added to your cashless card before the start of the next home game.

Friends, acquaintances or family members who do not have a season ticket can buy a cashless card for €1 via the loading points or in the STVV Fanshop.

The yellow tokens, which were also valid last season, can be exchanged at the loading points in the stadium or in the STVV Fanshop. €2.20 per token will then be added to the cashless card.

We advise all our fans to link their season ticket or cashless card to their MySTVV account as soon as possible. In case of loss, the card can then be blocked immediately via the recharge points or STVV-Fanshop, so that no credit can be used by someone else. Each subscriber and cahsless cardholder is responsible for their card. (You can also link several cards to 1 account e.g. the children's or...).

Finally you will see when you put your card against a cashless device, that there are 3 different values mentioned.

  • € or also Euro: this is the value you get when you do a charge through MySTVV, the app or a charge point.
  • Kan€ or also KanEUR: these are the Kaneuries you receive as a subscriber as cashback 10% or as *birthday package (10 EUR).
  • Crew€ or Crew Euro: these are the payment values that will only appear with our crew members. This does not apply to fans.

(There is only a 10% cashback on the Euro value and not on the KanEUR value. Also, the payment machines at the counters will always take the Euro values first and then the KanEUR).

*Subscribers who have already had their birthday during the months of June, July & August will only be able to enjoy their birthday package in the autumn. This is due to the still prevailing Covid-19 restrictions which limit hospitality services and limited seats & bubbles.

See you soon at Stayen.

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