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Gameday 22 not reported

Pro League Meeting regarding COVID-19 regulations

The presidents and representatives of all the Clubs and the Pro League met up today to discuss and make decisions about the COVID-19 regulations following an important increase in corona-cases within the teams of the Jupiler Pro League.

The re-start of the competition (gameday 22) will not be postponed. However, individual games can be postponed if:

  • 7 players (who have played minimum 30% of the minutes played in the season 2021-2022) have been infected with COVID-19
  • or if 2 goalkeepers (including the main goalkeeper) have been infected with COVID-19
  • The request has been made 72 hours before the kick-off of the game

We will test our players on Thursday towards the game against Club Brugge of Saturday 15 januari.

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