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Black is the color of authority, while gold can be associated with courage and passion. So when the Canaries travel to the various clubs of the Jupiler Pro League, they do so with fighting spirit, passion and dedication!

Quote designer Shinsuke Nakata (Beams):
"Each part of the uniform is colored with colors representing STVV. The design uses a crazy pattern, which is popular in fashion items. The crazy pattern is a technique that has been used in several hit products at BEAMS and has its origins in combining excess parts when cutting fabric. The multi-pattern design is intended to create a camouflage pattern. It is mainly intended to make the technical play of the players more lively and attractive. The symbol in the lower right represents the phonetic translation of Sint-Truiden into Kanji, a chinese alphabet used in Japan. This consists of four letters (Shin, Totoro, I, Den = Sint-Truiden). When you add these together it means 'the legend of the greats who roared to the gods'. A perfect reflection of Sint-Truiden's reputation as a Giant Killer."

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