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STVV beats KV Mechelen!

The Kanaries have beaten KV Mechelen at home with 2-1. Suzuki opened the scoring, Mboyo marked from the spot shortly before half-time. Only in the end did De Camargo manage to score the tying goal.

The first chance of the game was for the visitors. Druijf aimed straight at Schmidt in front of goal. STVV proved to be efficient from the start. After ten minutes, Hashioka put the ball back for Suzuki, who thanked him with the 1-0 goal. A fine goal of Japanese manufacture. 

The Kakkers replied via Vanlerberghe. It took a good Schmidt to push his effort under the bar.

Shortly before half time, Walsh hooked Suzuki in the penalty area, where referee Van Damme promptly pointed to the spot. Mboyo sent goalkeeper Thoelen the wrong way and doubled the score.

The visitors took the initiative after the break. Yet the first big chance was for STVV. Thoelen kept the Japanese player from scoring a header with an excellent save. 

At the other end, Schmidt had to intervene several times, including on a dangerous attempt by Storm. The Canaries seemed to be keeping the nets clean, but that was not counting on substitute De Camargo. In the final moments of the game, he smashed the ball past the goalie of the team. 

There was no second Mechelen goal and so Peter Maes' men booked an important and satisfying victory in the battle for the title.


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