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STVV - Zulte Waregem 1-2

The STVV came up short against an effective Zulte Waregem. Final score of 1-2 in Stayen. Dompé and Bruno scored for the visitors. Suzuki for STVV.

During a pleasant first half, both teams were dangerous, although the best chances were those of the Canaries. 

Schmidt was attentive on an attempt by Bruno. Suzuki hit outside the post and also saw two heads parried by goalkeeper Bostyn. 

After the break, Brüls also ran into the Essevee goalkeeper. Zulte Waregem showed deadly efficiency on the other side. The ex-Kanarie Dompé put himself on his strong foot and struck hard for the 0-1.

The STVV didn't have much time to recover, as three minutes later Bruno finished a quick counter-attack inside the post, bringing the score to 0-2.

Peter Maes' troops did not let their heads drop and went in search of the equalizer. A first goal from Suzuki was denied due to a hand foul, assessed by the VAR.

Two minutes later, the goal finally came. On a pass from Brüls, Suzuki headed past Bostyn. STVV continued to press but failed to find the equaliser.

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