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Ve zén de Kanaries en de Kanaries da zén ve (New Homeshirts 21-22)


The new STVV shirts have been announced! Pre-order now.

We are Haspengouw, We are Haspengouw will hopefully soon be echoing through Stayen! Haspengouw is also the theme for this year's shirt design. The local industry that is still thriving in Haspengouw is clearly reflected in the gold pattern on the shirt. Sint-Truiden is one with nature, also the inspiration for the designer:

Quote designer Ryota Sakae:
"The theme is "Nature". We were inspired by all the nature, wind, animals and plants in Sint-Truiden and designed the jersey to turn them into power on the field. The motif is a pear, a well-known product from Sint-Truiden, in a pear pattern."

Pre-order now:


Allemòòl Bedieën

Check the video here!

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