'Voor Eeuwig': season ticket campaign launched

May 16, 2023

"Symbolic breakthrough of 3,800 season ticket holders on 100th anniversary"




Haspengouw is eagerly looking forward to STVV's 100th anniversary. The Canaries themselves are also eager to start this unique festive year. That is why the yellow-and-blue kicked off the season ticket campaign for next season full of ambition today: under the slogan 'Voor Eeuwig' (For Ever), STVV aims for 3,800 subscribers. To make this eternal club love tangible, the club and the supporters signed an STVV-canon. This 'constitution' lays down the club's typical characteristics (colours, name, location, etc.) for the future.

The common thread throughout the festive season will be the slogan 'Voor Eeuwig'. "Your centenary is not something you celebrate every day. That's why we are winking at a century of STVV in our baseline," explains communications manager Youssouf Keita. "But in addition, this message also refers to the eternal connection between our club and the region and the unconditional club love of our supporters. Finally, the word 'Voor' symbolises the ... eternal positivism of the club STVV."

Canon becomes STVV constitution

To reinforce the 'Voor Eeuwig' message, the club and supporters are already signing an STVV-canon. "Some time ago, our supporters proposed to lay down the basic principles of our tradition club in a kind of STVV constitution," clarified CEO Takayuki Tateishi. "In this canon we lay down, for example, that the name STVV will be respected, that our club colours will remain yellow and blue and that we will proudly carry the nickname 'Canaries' in the future too. We will give our canon a prominent place in the stadium: in the players' tunnel, in the offices and in every grandstand. That way, every new player, employee and supporter will be imbued with the core values of our beautiful club."

Road to 3800

The signing of the canon is the first step in STVV's ambitious subscription campaign, says brand manager Bert Stas: "You can feel that football is alive again in Greater Haspengouw. Last year, the number of season ticket holders already rose by 15%, to 3000. This year we want to push through to 3800 season ticket holders. We will do this by bringing even more children to Stayen, involving the business community and getting the fans who watch our matches on TV today out of their seats. Whether you were a season ticket holder in 1978 or in 2022, the season we turn 100 is simply not to be missed."

With every milestone the Canaries reach in the campaign, the club will also raffle off a unique prize among subscribers: "If we break the 373 (the registration number), 1924 (the founding year), 3000 (last year's number of season ticket buyers) and 3800, there will be an extra prize to be won each time. The first three prizes have already been announced: a bottle of STVV gin, a tattoo of STVV and a trip to Japan (including a visit to the STVV Lounge in Tokyo). So they are all things or memories that will stay with you forever," smiles Bert Stas.

Sint-Truiden is STVV and STVV is Sint-Truiden

STVV thus wants to break the magic barrier of 3800. Of course, that number 3800 also has symbolic value ... because it is also the postcode of the city of Sint-Truiden: "Sint-Truiden is STVV and STVV is Sint-Truiden. Especially in a festive year like this. We are therefore joining forces with the club to colour the city yellow and blue during this festive year. As a foretaste, we can already announce that the trees on the Groenmarkt and the abbey tower will be highlighted in yellow and blue during the home matches next season," announces Mayor Ingrid Kempeneers. "Moreover, this year's fan day will also take place in the heart of the city. On Sunday 25 June, we will receive everyone with a heart for STVV on the Groenmarkt."