Peter Delorge teaches STVV supporters to order season tickets online

May 12, 2023

Starting today, Friday, May 12, you can already reserve your seat online. None other than club icon Peter Delorge will help guide supporters through the digital process.


Peter Delorge



Next Wednesday (May 17) STVV's season ticket campaign will officially begin. From that day on, you can visit the STVV-Fanshop to get your seat for the historic '23 - '24 season.

In the STVV-Fanshop or online

Supporters who cannot test their patience for so long, however, can reserve their season tickets online as early as today (Friday, May 12). "We notice that a lot of supporters still come down to the STVV-Fanshop to purchase their season ticket. They do this for various reasons. Because they receive personal guidance in the STVV-Fanshop, to take a look at the merchandising collection or simply to have a chat with the STVV staff. To be clear, we continue to welcome our supporters with a smile in our STVV-Fanshop this year. But to avoid traffic jams, we are promoting online ordering extra this season," explained ticketing manager Sven Menten.

Video with a touch of Sint-Truiden humor

It is not easy for everyone to order a season ticket or ticket online. That feeling was also confirmed by a recent survey we made. That is why the Canaries took an original initiative, explains communication officer Simon Hallet: "On our website you will find a handy instruction video that guides you through the 10 steps in the online ticket platform. In itself this is not earth-shattering, were it not for the accompanying voice of our club icon Peter Delorge in the background. To keep the ordering process enjoyable, he also occasionally throws in a touch of Sint-Truiden humor (laughs)."

From midfielder to voice actor

As a midfielder, he was seasoned. And also as a team manager, he knows the tricks of the trade. But how was it for Peter Delorge to lend his voice to this movie? "It's a new experience, but I liked doing it to help our club," the STVV figurehead tells us. "Especially in this special season, when we are celebrating our 100th anniversary. I am happy that I can contribute in this way to a our season ticket campaign."

Watch and listen to the video at and order your STVV season ticket online.

The STVV Fan Shop will be open next week on Wednesday, May 17, Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20. Thursday, May 18 and (Ascension) is a closing day.